Garden Tool Kits

<strong><a href=””>Community Garden Tool Kit </a></strong>

This toolkit will take you through the steps to consider if you are thinking of starting a garden at your food bank, and provide you with the information you need to successfully plan, plant and harvest a community garden. Food Banks Canada

<strong><a href=””>Community Gardens Handbook</a></strong>

This Handbook will help you to support you starting and maintaining your community garden. It focuses on community gardens for the purpose of growing foods. Alberta Health Services

<strong><a href=””>Garden Guide </a></strong>

Practical information for those working to sow, cultivate and harvest the sustainable development of community gardening.  Community Gardening Network of Ottawa

<span style=”color: #666699;”><strong><a style=”color: #666699;” href=”” target=”_blank”>Build Your Raised Planting Bed</a></strong></span>

Quick Guide Methods to Construct a Raised Planting Bed in several small steps.

<strong><a href=””>Introduction to the Gardeners’ Welcome Packet</a></strong>

It is intended to be a tool for organizing your garden; introducing new gardeners to the policies, procedures and people that keep the garden running smoothly; and keeping returning gardeners updated and involved. It is also intended to help gardeners find a clear and easy way to play an active role in the garden’s management and upkeep

<strong><a href=””>Dig it! How local governments can support community gardens – A Practical Tool Kit</a> </strong>

Provides an introduction to community gardens and offers some background information designed to help local governments understand the benefits and challenges of community gardens. Also, some practical tools and templates that can be used or adapted by local governments, and makes recommendations for further work, and offers a variety of resources related to community gardening.  Ministry of Community Development and Union of British Columbia Municipalities.

<strong><a href=””>Indigenous Food System Networks</a></strong>

Share and explore technical online tools and skill building documents, links or resources that will support Indigenous food related action in your community, nation or bio-region.